Tuition Rates

1 Day Classes - $225

2 Day Classes - $350

Specialty Classes - $400 (TBA)

Defensive Handgun (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

During Level 1, students will be introduced to the Modern Pistol Technique. Included is proper weapons handling - safety, draw stroke, reloads, malfunction clearance, and speed kneeling position are the techniques to be mastered in this class. At the conclusion, students will be able to perform these skills with timed drills on various target systems.

After a review of Defensive Handgun skills, students will be instructed in Level 2 on use of cover/concealment, braced and double knee positions, pivots, turns, shooting on the move, and engaging moving targets. Students will also be introduced to tactical searching and movement. Defensive Handgun or instructor approval is a prequisite.

After a review of Level 2 skills, students will be introduced to solving shooting problems in daylight and lowlight conditions in Level 3. Problems will include proper use of handheld light while shooting, searching, manipulating the pistol, barricades, and positions with the light. Daylight and lowlight simulators are included. Defensive Handgun Level 2 or instructor approval is a prequisite.

Close Quarters (Levels 1 & 2)


Practical Edged Weapon


Urban Rifle Levels 1 & 2

Student will be introduced to the fundamental skills to fight with an urban rifle in Level 1. Skills include manipulation fundamentals (load, speed load, unload, malfunctions), sighting rifle at different distances, fighting from cover/concealment, and solving shooting problems on various target systems, using the skills learned.

Level 2 TBA

Defensive Pistol Tactics


Defensive Rifle Tactics