Q. Do you offer a handgun carry permit class?

A. No, we do not offer a carry permit class. Our Defensive Handgun Level 1 class is our introductory handgun course, but it will not certify you to obtain a handgun carry permit.

Q. Are PRI's classes safe?

A. It is no secret that firearms used in a reckless or negligent manner can result in death, serious bodily injury, or property damage. PRI promulgates and adheres to the generally accepted rules of firearms safety, and instructors and range assistants are ever alert for safety violations.

Q. What equipment should I bring to class?

A. We will distribute a course memo in advance of your class. For all of our classes, you should bring pen and paper and an open mind. For Defensive Handgun Level 1, you will need a reliable handgun, a sturdy belt and a holster to be attached to your belt (outside the waistband type) on your firing-hand side. If you are bringing a semiautomatic pistol, you should have at least two extra magazines, plus a magazine carrier to be attached to your belt on the opposite side from the holster. You must bring good-quality eye and ear protection. We suggest that you wear loose fitting trousers or shorts with pockets to hold extra cartridges. You need to bring lunch, plenty of water or other appropriate fluids, and clothing suitable for any weather conditions. Other equipment may required and will be noted as such on your course memo. Please be advised of the following notice regarding range safety and equipment.


1. PRI reserves the right to prohibit the use of any firearm or accessory deemed by the instructors to pose a safety risk.

2. PRI reserves the right to exclude from its firing ranges any student who cannot or will not comply strictly with safety rules, range rules, or directions from the instructors.

3. Inside-the-waistband holsters (IWB) are not permitted for use on PRI's firing ranges by any student who has not completed PRI's Defensive Handgun Level 1 class or its equivalent.

4. No student in any PRI class may use any holster having a retention device that must be disengaged by using the trigger finger to press a release button on the outside of the holster. (PRI neither encourages nor discourages students from using such holsters for personal carry when they are not participating in a PRI class.)

5. If you have any questions or concerns about the foregoing safety warnings, or about any other matter related to firearms safety, please call PRI at 615.854.0478.

Q. What kind of handgun should I have?

A. Proper handgun selection is complicated and subjective. In general, we recommend a reliable mid-sized revolver or semiautomatic pistol. Small revolvers and semiautos are difficult to shoot and manipulate, and they should be avoided if possible. When buying a handgun, you should find one that fits your hand and you should be especially wary of handguns with sharp edges and surfaces. We will be glad to discuss handgun selection with you prior to your purchase.

Q. Must I bring my own firearm to class, or does PRI provide one? What about ammunition?

A. You must bring your own gun to class. We suggest you bring the one that you are going to carry or otherwise use to protect yourself, so that you can become familiar with its operation. You must likewise bring your own ammunition. Note: for safety, we require factory ammunition only - no reloads.

Q. What do I need for PRI's other classes?

A. For handgun classes, you should bring the same items that you brought to the Defensive Handgun Level 1 class, except that you should have a total of at least four magazines. Shoulder-fired weapons need to be equipped with a sling or carry strap. Knee and elbow pads are a good idea because you will be learning alternative shooting positions, such as kneeling and prone. Ammunition requirements for each class are set out in the course descriptions or course memos.

Q. Does PRI allow payment by credit card?

A. Yes. MasterCard and VISA.

Q. I have never even held a handgun. Does PRI have a class that will teach me basic skills?

A. Yes. We recommend our Defensive Handgun Level 1 class for students little or no experience or anyone in need of a handgun refresher course. Many of our students come to class with absolutely no firearms experience, and the course is designed with this in mind.

Q. What kind of shoulder-fired weapon should I have?

A. Again, the selection process is subjective. You need a reliable weapon with a stock that is not too long for you. You may want to consider caliber, weight, availability of ammunition, and ease of manipulation. High-visibility iron or optical sights are recommended.

Q. I have been around guns all my life. What courses should I take?

A. We think that Defensive Handgun Level 1 is a good starting point for training with us. It offers a solid foundation for markmanship, safe weapons handling, and basic tactics. It is a good tune-up for experienced shooters, and it is a prerequisite for many of our other courses.

Q. I am a member of a police SWAT team. Are there classes for me and fellow team members?

A. Yes. Mr. Fielder, one of our primary instructors, was a senior firearms instructor for the Metro Nashville SWAT team for many years. Any of our advanced courses would be useful for special response teams, and if desired we will design custom courses based on your needs.

Q. I am a sworn law-enforcement officer. Are any of PRI's courses certified by the Tennessee P.O.S.T. commission?

A. Call us if you need P.O.S.T certification.

Q. Do women attend any of PRI's classes? Are there female instructors?

A. The answer to both questions is affirmative. A high percentage of our students in the Carry Permit classes are female, and we regularly have female students who attend our other classes. We try to have a female adjunct instructor or range assistant at every carry permit class.